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The Courage to Succeed [21:25 mins]Tristan is interviewed by famed Egyptian Motivational Speaker, Mohamed Tohami, on his story of overcoming adversity and creating positive change.How to Think Like A Champion [10:38 mins]This article explains some simple, yet practical and highly effective tactics to train yourself to think like a champion.How to Create SMART Goals [8:32 mins]The acronym S.M.A.R.T. outlines the set of criteria that your goal must follow in order for it to be a well-focused and achievable goal. Learn how to set acheiveable goals from this article.Achieve Your Dreams [3:32 mins]This is a motivational audio podcast that explains why you need to follow your heart and that the life that you desire for yourself begins with the thoughts and feelings that you hold right now.The Power of Action [6:25 mins]One of the most fundamental principles of goal setting and life success is that the universe rewards those people who take action. In this audio podcast, Life Coach Tristan Loo will outline the magnetic properties of taking action to create the life that you desire for yourself.How to Make Emotional Deposits Into your Relationships [14:09 mins]Life Coach Tristan Loo describes the six types of emotional deposits that you can make to help build and grow value in all the relationships you have in life. He also reviews the negative effects of making emotional withdrawals from your relationship accounts.Goal Setting 101: Your Definitive Guide to Goal Achievement [30:00 mins]Learn how to set SMART goals and program your mind to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. This is the most comprehensive audio podcast on SMART goal setting on the internet and it’s 100% free! Integrate these strategies and techniques to produce the good that you desire in your life today!How to Change Your Habits [10:41 mins]Tristan Loo describes how to identify limiting and negative habits in your life and how to successfully replace them with the habits of highly successful people. Your habits in life become who you are and who you will be in the future, so learn how to eliminate bad habits and increase your success habits from this audio podcast.